Raw Material

Billets/Slabs/Blooms strictly conforming to IS:2830 are used for rolling into the required sizes & sections which are further put to rigorous tests i.e. Complete Chemical Analysis with IR Spectrometer & Ultrasonic Tests. There-after the raw material is slashed into assorted sizes as needed and finally fed to 80 feet long oil fired pusher furnace to attain and maintain constant temperature of 1250° C, then rolled.

Bendability & Weldability
Jain's steel structures are easily bendable due to extremely controlled chemistry & ultra modern manufacturing techniques, resulting into buckle-free bends at any angle whatsoever. Jain's steel structures can be welded by any of the welding processes generally used for welding plain carbon steel structures. Welding can also be performed without the need of pre/post heating. It does not exhibit severe hardening in the heat affected zone. That is why Jain's steel structures withstand any test relating to bendability and weldability.