Additional Credentials

Affiliated to CORE & RDSO of Indian Railways

In House Captive Plant to Galvanise Steel Structures

Any Special Structure of Any Size & Specifications can be Carter to

Technical Collaboration with NISST (Govt of India Undertaking), Ministry of Steel Mines to Upgrade Quality & Discover Innovations



1) Utility building, bridges and car parks
Steel frame construction, including large building, airports and car parks.

2) Technological Structures
Floors and platforms of industrial plant/structures, columns, boiler supporting structures etc.

3) Railways
Wagons, structures for electrification, Tunnels and underground railways

4) Power Sector
Hydel Dams, Transmission Towers & Grid Substation

5) Ports and harbours
Jetties, warehouses, transit sheds etc.

6) Offshore drilling rigs
Decks and platforms

7) Miscellaneous
Heavy machine, industrial boilers, wagon tipplers, feeders, stackers, declaimers, loaders, crushers, cranes, shipping industry, supporting frames for equipment used in metallurgical and other heavy industries, Palisades.