Final products of the company in black condition are straightened by a 10-Roll Horizontal and a 6-Roll Vertical Straightening Machines in tandem and are stacked for further processing of drilling and punching with the help of fixtures at various platforms of radial drill machines and punching power presses to achieve zero difference holes meant for Railway Electrification, transmission and communication towers to ensure proper group fitting of any product on to it as per RDSO / customer specifications. Highly experienced staff has been engaged for handling the sophisticated jobs of punching and drilling. Supervisory staff for looking into the quality also helps in to maintain the desired level of drilling schedules provided in different drawings. Most of the steel sections produced by Jain’s are used for welding purposes making either masts, towers, fitting items, cross arms, two to seven track cantilivers i.e. portals, special structural steel etc. etc., hence welding is done through Arc Welding and Mig Welding in accordance with the BIS Code. Branded Anti Spatter Spray are used to get the better performance during hot dip galvanization on all welded materials.